History Sidebars

side·bar/ˈsīdˌbär/ - noun

a box or narrow area on a newspaper or magazine page that contains a short news story or extra information relating to a longer main story

In 2021, the Madison Historic Preservation Commission installed the first five "HistoryBroughton Building sidewalk plaque Sidebars" in the sidewalks of Downtown. These plaques aim to answer the questions often asked by residents and visitors alike. "How old is this building?" "Who built it?" "What kinds of businesses have been here in the past?" Each year five more Sidebars will be added until all historic buildings have been covered.

Those interested in a more in-depth story will find it here. Navigate to the address of your building of interest using the street menu at the left. Here you will find links to history blogs related to the building as well as available photos and ephemera from the past. Enjoy! 

Do you have a special memory about a building, business, or Downtown Madison in general? Share your stories and photos here!