Voluntary Autism Registry



The Madison Police Department has an interest in identifying families in Morgan County who have a relative that has been diagnosed with Asperger's or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Statistically, children who are diagnosed with this neurological condition have a tendency to wander.  Further investigation indicates that persons with ASD are drawn to and interested in bodies of water.  Recent training has inspired the Madison Police Department to offer a Voluntary Autism Registry.  This registry is a valuable tool, should Law Enforcement personnel be called upon to aid in the recovery of missing children and adults with ASD.  Should caregivers to autistic consumers choose to complete this registry, Law Enforcement personnel will have critical information readily available to them.  This information will expedite our officers ability calm, communicate and guide ASD consumers to a safe environment, minimizing the risk of escalation and injury.  The data provided by caregivers will be considered "Law Enforcement Sensitive", and will not be shared with any outside organization.  The intent of the Madison Police Department in creating this registry is to educate and bridge any divide there may be between public safety personnel and the public we serve.

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