Other Agendas


To ensure progress on work items and to prepare materials for upcoming elected or appointed public official meetings, most public bodies utilize one or more workgroups - commonly referred to as committees, subcommittees, task forces, teams, etc.

Workgroups are responsible for work as assigned by the board and take no action on work not authorized by the public body. All work product and recommendations are forwarded to the public body for official action.

Descriptions for workgroups, their scope of work, and their standard agendas are posted.  A workgroup may meet regularly, periodically, or as needed dependent upon the work item.  Workgroups may be either standing (ongoing) or ad-hoc (established as needed and then dissolved). A workgroup commonly includes a public body representative, varied departmental staff, non-appointed volunteers, interns, contract labor, and/or professional experts. Minutes for each workgroup are available at City Hall.

Council WorkGROUPS


  • none at present

Board Workgroups

Cemetery Stewardship Commssion (CSC)

  • Improvements Committee
  • Maintenance Committee
  • Policy Committee
  • Programs Committee

Corridor Design Commission (CDC)

  • Executive Committee
  • Policy Committee

Downtown Development Authority (DDA) 

  • Executive Committee
  • DDA-3-D| Downtown Design & Development Committee
  • DURA-OZ| Opportunity Zone Committee
  • DURA-RAS| Revitalization Area Strategy Committee
  • MST1| Main Street Outreach Committee
  • MST2| Main Street Promotions Committee

Not Current Active

  • Bi-Racial Committee
  • Jobs Committee

Greenspace Commission (HPC) 

  • Executive Committee
  • Policy Committee
  • Planting Committee
  • Special Projects Committee
  • Trails & GreenspaceCommitee
  • Outreach Committee 

Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) 

  • Executive Committee
  • Designation Committee
  • Policy Committee
  • Status Commitee
  • Outreach Committee

Housing Opportunity Commission (HOC)

  • EBC| Existing Building Stock Committee
  • NEC| Neighborhood Engagement Committee
  • LUC| Future Residential Land Use Committee