City-Licensed Events

Community vs. Tourism

Madison is both proud and fortunate to be a community which attracts tourists - regionally, nationally, and globally. However, first and foremost this is the town which our citizens call home and enjoy a high quality of life. While making the community both vibrant and rich, special events attract residents and visitors and introduce periodic but more intense needs (traffic, parking, security, sanitation, etc.). Therefore, the City of Madison licenses different types of special events to mitigate those factors.


The City issues three (3) tour permits per calendar year, limiting duration and frequency.

Please Note: The City of Madison does not manage the tours nor receive any portion of tour proceeds; for feedback on tour content, please contact the appropriate tour management.

Code of Ordinances - Chapter 26 Tours of Homes

Tour Management is responsible for:

  • reserving a date with an application and deposit (between 6 months and 3 years prior to tour);
  • applying for required tour operator license and tour permits;
  • providing a tour schedule with a list of tour sites and parking locations;
  • providing information on additional city services anticipated, proposed signage, and sponsored temporary sales (vending).

Tour Management Brochure (PDF)

Car Shows
Parades & Races
Public Assembly

Other Special Events

regional cooperative events; events with 500+ attendance; events for multiple days