Wayfinding Corner Signs

Pedestrian Sign Program

 Madison Main Street offers this program to assist in promotion of an attractive and coordinated image for Downtown Madison and to enhance pedestrian circulation within a dense downtown environment. Please Note: These corner signs provide directional information to the pedestrian (not intended for the driving public) and are sized accordingly.

Individual Panels for Long-Term Lease

 Metal freestanding posts with two arms are situated on the corners of main intersections. Individual panels hang from a wrought iron bracket. All panels use the standard design, having the same material, coloring and size lettering. Only eight panels are installed per pole per direction.

Madison Main Street owns all signs and panels, offerings individual panels for long-term lease for a one-time service fee. Panels may have two lines of copy. Each panel is dual-sided and features the same copy on both sides. A directional arrow indicates the quickest route to the business location. Businesses:

  • must be located with the Special Tax District
  • shall maintain a current business license
  • may include all types of downtown businesses and/or occupations
  • are limited to one panel per business license

Madison Main Street reserves the right to add general panels which serve all of downtown and to reposition panels as the Main Street Director deems necessary.

Pedestrian Corner Sign in Downtown Madison

If you are interested in leasing an individual panel on our wayfinding corner signs, please contact the Main Street Offices at (706) 342-1251, extension 1206 or email.