Temporary Sales

Types of Temporary Sales

 The City of Madison provides for three types of temporary business transactions to occur infrequently and under reasonable conditions in the community, which are not subject to occupational tax certificates.

Peddlers License

A peddlers license is typically issued for door-to-door sales. Sales from stationary vehicles are generally not permitted on public property by the City Manager, and on private property are covered by the Vending Ordinance.

Vending Permit

Vending includes the sale of food, goods, and/or services from a temporary location - public (street/sidewalk/facility) or private (residential/commercial). Qualified non-profits have some exemptions and should contact Business Services at (706) 342-1251 x227 or email Business Services

  • On designated special events days, as declared by action of the Mayor & Council, vending permits may be issued for public, residential, and commercial property.
  • On tour days, vending permits are limited to applications submitted by the tour operator having a valid home tour permit.
  • For vendors participating in a Madison Main Street event, Main Street submits all vending permits as a package.

Garage Sale Permit

For more information on yard and garage sales...
Garage Sale Permit