Centrally located in NE Georgia between Atlanta and Augusta, Athens and Macon. 

(Note: In the directions, Highway 441 below, becomes Main Street leading to Downtown Madison in the heart Madison's Historic District.)

From Atlanta: (1 hour)

Travel east on Interstate 20 about 60 miles to Exit 114 (U.S. 441 / 129 N). Turn left and cross over I-20 traveling north for 2.5 miles.

From Augusta: (1.5 hours)

Travel west on Interstate 20 about 90 miles to Exit 114 (U.S. 441 / 129 N). Exit right and travel north for 2.5 miles.

From Athens: (30 minutes)

Travel south on U.S. 441 about 25 miles to its intersection with Georgia Highway 278. Turn right over the bridge and travel southwest to Madison.

From Macon: (1.25 hours)

Travel north on U.S. 129 about 50 miles through Gray to Eatonton where 129 merges with 441. Continue north about 22 miles to Madison. Cross I-20 and travel about 2.5 miles.