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Use Town Park
City Park Use
When the Town Park Event Facility is not in use by Madison Main Street or rented to a third party as an event facility, it is used by the City of Madison as a passive park.  This means it may be used as a public greenspace like any other municipal passive park in accordance with posted park rules.  Town Park rules   Please Note:  Alcohol is not permitted in any city parks.

Main Street Events
When Town Park is being used as an event facility, Madison Main Street takes responsibility for an event and determines whether or not the following will be permitted and to what extent:
  • alcohol
  • amplified sound
  • vending
  • solicitation 
Please Note:  Remember that when Madison Main Street designates events allowing family coolers - which may have your favorite adult beverage - please bring cups.  All adult beverages are required to be decanted, echoing the City of Madison policy for restaurant use of the public sidewalk.   

DDA Rental Events
Town Park may also be rented from the Downtown Development Authority for events:
  • the whole facility may be rented for events that are advertised and open-to-the-public*
  • portions of the facility may be rented for private events** 
Please Note:  The Downtown Development Authority has adopted special community support rates to encourage local use of the park during the first few years.  For information, contact Ann Huff at (706) 342-1251 x206 or by email