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Group Tour Permit Application

  1. Occupational Tax
    Have you paid the current year's Occupational Tax (sometimes called a business license)?
  2. A Tour Opperator Permit can not be issued until an Occupational Tax Certificate is obtained.*
  3. I hereby acknowledge having read and understood Section 26-40. Group Tour Operators and Group Tours.*
    I understand that checking "Affirm" below acts as my signature on this form.
  4. This permit requires a fee payment of $50.
    After submitting this form, you will need to remit a $50 fee. You may pay in person with check or credit card Come to: City Hall, 132 N. Main Street, Madison, GA Or via mail with a check - Pay to: City of Madison Mail to: City of Madison P.O. Box 32 Madison, GA 30650 This information will also be on the confirmation page after you click submit.
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