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Inspection Request Application

  1. Inspections are conducted Monday and Wednesday of each week. Inspection requests must be made by 4:00 PM the preceding business day.
  2. Address of the property to be inspected.
  3. Permit number(s) associated with this request.
  4. Select one or more inspection(s) you would like conducted.
  5. Building
  6. Electrical
  7. Mechanical
  8. Plumbing
  9. Provide pertinent information for the building inspector such as lockbox location, lockbox code, etc.
  10. Select the date and time on which you would like the inspection(s) conducted.
  11. Inspections are conducted Monday and Wednesday of each week.
  12. Inspections will NOT be performed if outstanding reinspection fees have not been paid. Reinspection fees will be charged if the job is not accessible. Escort is required for occupied homes. A deficiency report will be left with the Building Permit at the time of inspection.
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