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Planning & Zoning Commission Applications & Staff Reports All Archives

2018.010.VAR Staff Report 10-18-18 2018.010.VAR Staff Report 10-18-18
Leon Peters is requesting a dimensional requirement variance from Section 700.1 at 944 Pearl Street (M02 037) [R4].
2018.009.TXT Staff Report 10-18-18 2018.009.TXT Staff Report 10-18-18
Bhugesh Patel is proposing a text amendment to Section 630.3 to introduce the sales and rental or new or used passenger vehicles and small engine equipment as a permitted use in the Light Industrial / Limited Commercial District (I1).
2018.007.TXT Staff Report 09-19-18 2018.007.TXT Staff Report 09-19-18
2018.006.CON Staff Report 08-16-18 2018.006.CON Staff Report 08-16-18
Wanda Eubanks on behalf of Nina Hill is requesting the conditional use of a game center at 923 E. Washington Street (036B 008) zoned Neighborhood Commercial District (C2).
2018.005.MAP Staff Report 06-21-18 2018.005.MAP Staff Report 06-21-18
Kelly Mahoney (Wellbridge Communities, LLC) on behalf of Madison Associates, LLC is requesting a map amendment to rezone Bethany Road (portions of 036 059 and 036 059A) from Medium Lot Residential District (R2) and Planned Professional District (PPD) to a Planned Professional District (PPD).
2018.002.CON Section 520 06-21-18 2018.002.CON Section 520 06-21-18
The City of Madison is proposing text amendments to Section 520.
2018.003.VAR Staff Report 04-19-2018 2018.003.VAR Staff Report 04-19-2018
2018.001.TXT Staff Report 03-15-2018 2018.001.TXT Staff Report 03-15-2018
2017.019.VAR Public Comment 12-21-17 2017.019.VAR Public Comment 12-21-17
2017.019.VAR Staff Report 12-21-17 2017.019.VAR Staff Report 12-21-17
Edward Good on behalf of Friesen Real Estate Holdings, LLC is requesting dimensional requirement variances from Section 700.1 at portions of 622 Foster Street (M20 081) [R2] [portions of Lot 2] and portions of 498 S. Main Street (M20 071) [R1 and R2] [portions of Lot 2 and Lots 3-19].
2017.018.TXT Staff Report 12-21-17 2017.018.TXT Staff Report 12-21-17