Urban Redevelopment Plan

There is a Plan! Check it When Making Investments

In Spring 2011, the City of Madison officially adopted an Urban Redevelopment Plan (URP). The plan delineated six subareas (2 residential, 2 commercial, a professional, and an industrial) for local investment:

  • Airport Industrial Area
  • Canaan Historic Neighborhood
  • N. Main Street Gateway
  • N. Main Street Neighborhood
  • N. Second Street Area
  • N. Washington Street Gateway

The URP outlines how each subarea will redevelop, allowing investors to invest with confidence in an overarching plan where everyone is marching to the same tune. For each subarea, character area goals and maps guide new renewal proposals and decisions. An action plan establishes specific tools and incentives that the DDA will pursue and make available only within the DURA.

Downtown Urban Redevelopment Area | URP:

Section 1 (PDF): Introduction & DURA Map
Section 2 (PDF): Documentation of Conditions & Need
Section 3 (PDF): Development Plan & Management Approach
Section 4 (PDF): Appendices
Amendment 1 (PDF): URP Amendment - April 14, 2014