Curbside Commingled Recycling

Plastic Bottles

Madison will take over curbside commingled recycling January 1, 2024. If you have been participating in curbside recycling already, you may continue to do so using your green recycling totes. If you would like to purchase a blue, wheeled recycling cart (35-gallone: $50; 95-gallon: $100). Note: Glass recycling will be collected separately from the rest of the recycling stream on alternating Wednesdays.

Please recycle:

  • All Cardboard and paperboard (e.g., cereal and laundry detergent boxes, 6/12 pack beverage boxes, shoe boxes, cardboard boxes)
  • All Metal Containers (e.g., aluminum cans, bi-metal and tin cans, aluminum pie pans and foil - please rinse)
  • All Paper (e.g., newspapers, catalogs, magazines, all paper, junk mail)
  • All Plastic Containers labeled Number 1 through Number 7 (Plastics are labeled with a number in a triangle, often on the bottom; e.g., soda bottles, milk jugs, and laundry bottles with caps. No plastic bags - recycle these at Ingles, Lowes, and Wal-Mart.)

Note: No clothes, shoes, rubber, hangers, or Styrofoam.
photos of materials accepted for recycling