Yard Waste

Leaf & Limb Service

City residents enjoy the convenience of curbside leaf and limb service. There is no set time for pick-up. The truck runs an ongoing continuous route throughout the city starting each day at the stopping point on the day before. Of course, the time to complete and restart the route varies with the amount of material set out at any given time meaning pick up may occur quickly or take several days. 

Leaf & Limb Service is limited to yard waste from normal, weekly residential yard work. Stumps, cut trees, overgrowth clearing, or yard wastes left by professional landscape companies or heavy machinery are not included.

Grass clippings (please do not bag) and short limbs (please do cut into 4-feet maximum lengths) should be placed near the curb but not intruding upon the street or sidewalk.

Safety & Service Tips

For safety, efficiency, and courtesy, please do not place yard waste in the following locations:

  • on sidewalks or in roads;
  • blocking gutters or drainage ditches;
  • on or next to power poles or utilities (meters, fire hydrants, gas pipes, etc.);
  • under power lines;
  • on or near guy-wires;
  • blocking mailboxes or driveways;
  • under trees with low hanging limbs or next to tree trunks.

Please Note: Leaf & Limb Service and Bulk Trash Collection are different services and processed in entirely different facilities. Mixed debris will not be picked up.