Urban Renewal

Downtown Urban Redevelopment Area (DURA) 

To address slum and blight conditions in two identified areas of disinvestment, the City of Madison has: 1) defined the boundary, 2) adopted a plan, and 3) selected an agent to facilitate change.

  • The Downtown Development Authority (DDA), having worked diligently in Downtown Madison since the mid-1980s, is the designated agency to bring opportunity and renewal to downtown fringe and surrounding areas of disinvestment.
  • The Downtown Urban Redevelopment Area (DURA), the first designated area for urban renewal in Madison, encompasses 400 properties and a total area of 373.14 acres.
    DURA map (PDF)
  • The Downtown Urban Redevelopment Plan (URP), the micro-plan for the DURA, guides property owners, decision-makers, and policy implementation to make change a reality for this area.

Next Task: Congregate Stormwater Improvements

Over the next six months, DDA and its staff will explore options for creation of congregate stormwater retention in order to address current conditions and to facilitate future development opportunities in the W. Washington St. Gateway. As-is redevelopment is limited to those parcels of sufficient size to detain/retain their stormwater or pay the additional expense of underground detention, thus limiting development capacity. Congregate stormwater detention can also prove an incentive to investors, as the installation and maintenance of a facility can be more cost effective when shared. If you are a property owner and/or investor interested in cooperating with the DDA to achieve this goal, please email M. Callahan.