Planning & Zoning Commission

Regular Meetings

  • 5:30 pm
  • Third Thursday of each month
  • During the COVID-19 outbreak, meetings are being held virtually.
    Please visit the Virtual Meetings Portal

Agendas, Applications & Minutes
Current agendas are posted prior to the meeting. Please Note: The Commission may take action to alter the order of the agenda or amend the agenda at the meeting. Agendas are updated with a Summary of Actions following the meeting.

Attachments include Application (with support materials) and Staff Reports for the upcoming public hearing.

Current Members

  • Herb Anderson (1/19 - 12/21)
  • Joe DiLetto (1/19 - 12/21)
  • Nancy Nolan-Kuperburg (1/19 - 12/21)
  • Sherry Terrell-Alexander (1/18 - 12/20)
  • Robert Trulock (1/18 - 12/20)
  • Rich Wall (1/18 - 12/20)
  • Kendra Wyatt (1/18 - 12/20)
  • Monica Callahan, Staff
  • Email Monica Callahan

Minutes are available following approval. For immediate disposition of items, please reference the Summary of Actions (see agendas).

Major Responsibilities
Madison has utilized zoning as a growth management tool since the 1970s, updating Euclidean zoning with progressive, flexible zoning techniques. Having utilized a joint city-county board for several decades, Madison appointed an independent Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) in 2015. The Commission is a recommending body, forwarding items to Mayor & City Council for final disposition.